Monday, January 2, 2012

The ramblings of a stark, raving, madman.

   I have felt compelled to write today, sorry visual friends, no pictures. Its time to thank the inspiration, G.K. Chesterton, from who's writing has inspired this little mental work. First, without further adue is the snippet that can be reflected from. *if you want to know the full extent, read "The Defendant."

      ‎"To be everlastingly passing through dangers which we know cannot scathe us, to be taking oaths which we know cannot bind us, to be defying enemies who we know cannot conquer us-- this is the grinning tyranny of decadence...." G.K. Chesterton.

Let us reflect on this for a moment, what is an oath in our minds? I made an oath long ago in my youth, that "I would travel to the far reaches of the world, that I would know mankind". What is an oath, it is an everlasting, binding, agreement to ourselves that will bring doubt, it will bring pain, it will bring suffering. An oath will remind us of our humanity, it will inspire us to climb to the stars and it will inspire us to burn ever brighter in a world that is enshrouded in darkness. Our oaths are our last vestige of honor in a world that has no need for "honorable men".

 What is an oath? It is a promise to a lover and to ourselves to forsake all others for a genuine joy that is lost in this worlds concept of "Free-love". It is a binding contract to a boss, to achieve the success needed, to go above and beyond the minimum needed because the success or failure affects others. It is travelling across the world to battle apathy, to stomp out oppression from the hearts of youth and remind human beings what humanity is. 

An oath is a charter into unknown lands, it will test your strength, your will, and your desire. All these tests will bring you to your limit in some fashion, for if it did not have some facet of danger, would it really require an oath to fulfill? These danger's test our resolve, we will break past our complacent barriers to achieve greatness and grow beyond who we are into who we desire to be. We find divine inspiration from the trials oath's bring, we find solace in the fact that no matter what, we are bound to an oath, even if it destroy's us. 

 Never take them lightly, oath's will kill you, oath's will crush you, oath's will break you. But, oath's will inspire you, rebuild you, drive your spirit, give you strength when darkness encroaches, help you find footing when all is lost in the fog of life. This is a ghost of a past era, and to those who create an oath and do not bind themselves to it, it will tear out the fabric of a mans meaning. Respect it, even fear it for if you do not, you will bind yourself by honor far from your family, to journey to the ends of the world, and even though you may return, you will be forever changed. 

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  1. Thank you for the post. It reinvigorated me on a cold snowy day. Take care and enjoy your adventure.