Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leprosy affects us all...

Long overdue I return to give you a update on my Christmas happenings. This year, a small contingent of friends packed our bags, bought 2,000 yuan worth of gifts and traveled out beyond the reach of Wuhan into the countryside of China to find grandparents. They had no children, but they were grandparents, their love, their sorrow, their history bled through their eyes and we could not withdraw our gaze. It penetrated my very soul, to look into their eyes. We loved, we laughed, we cried and for a single moment we found the true meaning of Christmas...
Here, deep in the land of a modest living at best they lived, far from convenience, far from running water, electricity, far from many of the joys that each and every reader of this blog has. There is one thing they have that lacks in my heart, peace. We sat with an older man, who was watching his vegetables growing and wondered what he was thinking of, it was the calm of the morning sky, the quiet joy of wind in the trees. He found peace much like each and every one of the 50 Leper victims that we came to live, love, and cry with. 
Our group was not the only one there, a rather sizable church group from Wuhan happened to take this opportunity to visit and share the Word and sing songs reminding the people that were that that "No matter your plight, no matter your pain, Jesus loves you and will not turn you away because you look different." 

  Its true, mankind has cast them aside and keeps them from being involved with most of the hustle and bustle of modern day life because they are broken, they are different, but... to me at least they are loved. I would gladly share my home, my food and my life with any one of those beautiful people.
This doctor, pictured, was a resident for 40 years to this leper colony, he achieved all of this degree's  just so he could help his friends. Dedication of a man worth shaking the hand of and you better bet your life savings that I did... twice! Last but not least, the future of China was present here as well... everything that was good about humanity was seen this wonderful day, I look into the eyes of the child here and I see hope in her eyes. A hope that love is stronger than ever here... that it spreads like a wildfire into the hearts of so many lost children, that strength that lay dormant in such a wonderful people is awakening. May His will be done here because there are too few of us to handle this... the harvest is far to big... we are tired but He gives us hope, strength, and joy. 

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