Monday, September 5, 2011

I was a movie star!

This update has been a long time coming, I am very sorry for how long it has taken to get here but a TON of good things have been happening. Through the weekend I grew to know my city, Wuhan China, she is beautifully broken. This is the biggest and most full of life city I have ever had a chance to see, let alone live in.
This picture was taken from the roof of my apartment complex. This is but one section of the city lit up in the night sky.

     In other news, I have spent my ENTIRE weekend on the set of a major motion picture being shot right here in Wuhan. How wonderful it was to actually be with stars from the other movies that Chris and I enjoy so much when it comes to our Three Kingdoms movies.

The man standing on the left of the last picture is Nathan, he and I have become very close friends and he is like the cultural big brother trying to keep me out of trouble that I do not see. Such as one of my students that I am currently talking to that is trying to hook me up on a date with a girl.....

 The man in the middle is Peter, the coolest man EVER and my Co-Teacher, this guy seriously has made much of my time here so welcoming that I cannot describe to you how I would have survived without him. The horrid outfits we are wearing are our sailor suits and we are on a massive ship where the picture is being shot on for the second day.

Finally to finish out this massive update, let us talk about the director of the movie and how excited he was to have us in the picture. He took us to the most amazing restaurant, and Gambe'ed us under the floor with Biajo. Which is a Chinese hard liquor, though it would have been insulting to refuse it because he bought everything and it was EXPENSIVE.

This meal was needless to say, pretty intense. I tried everything, including the Eel which was very good, though its spinal bones were left to be desired...

Large fish from Yangzi river, eel, chicken, prawn, sparrow, pig fat, spicy frog  *the whole thing* an assortment of sweet breads and all sorts of other things!

Finally I just want to let everyone know how grateful I am that you are following my adventures. They are sometimes pretty tough but I am living life like I never would have dreamed so in truth I am more happy than I think I ever could have been if I had not taken on this charter. I will deeply meditate to the Big Man upstairs and I hope that everything continues to rise as it has been, rough patches and all!


  1. Glad to know you're blogging this year. We'll be happy to follow you from our side of town. So thankful to Father that you're here!! ~Becca

  2. Whhooooa that is awesome! What a cool experience. And I'm really glad you have been having such an incredible time here already!