Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chasing the Spirits of the past.

Time for an update I think, Satuday was teachers day and Shelley was the absolute best to me. She guided me via bus, which was intense in of itself, into Wuchang district where she took me to a street market where we tried ALL kinds of local food. We then walked across a MASSIVE bridge dedicated to Mao that crosses over the Yangtze river and had one of the best conversations I have ever had.
I really feel comfortable here, I do not know if it is the guidance of the friends I have or just the culture itself but I really have had no adjustments problems to speak of. I mean, there are things that people have a hard time getting used to, such as everybody and their grandmother hacking loogies but my family does that anyways lol, so most of it is small potatoes. ACTUALLY, no, I cannot get used to breakfast here, I am barely skimping along and I want pancakes, bacon, eggs, and I do not want to have to hunt it all down and make it here UGH! Ok, rant over haha. I will try to get a picture of Vera and Shelley so that you know who they are, they are the most wonderful young women here, they are really the best native friends I could have asked for. Along with Mark's gang of miscreants, Hubert, Fan, and Eric... those boys just split my sides when we go shopping for things, they are hilarious. 
  Ok, so Sunday was a big day during the festival, so we went to a museum where I saw some of the original works of Lao Tzu, better known as one of the founders of Taoism, and writer of the Tao Te Ching which is what I was looking at... yea, be jealous! 

Living here, out on my own, learning to adapt to a new lifestyle and a new being has truly changed me already. I have grown to enjoy the mindset of living that flows from my mind and heart. When a student asks me about myself and what is different spiritually I reply "For me, I see all races as a single people. We are a human race, not Chinese or American, we should strive to encourage each other and better each other's lives because we care, even about those who we do not know."

    It is good to know in my heart that I am in a place where I belong, where I can make a significant difference for a good a peaceful cause. Where our hands toil in the earth and the seeds of knowledge grow, that is a place where the tree of wisdom can truly flourish. If you believe in anything specific or if you look to the stars and dream the unknown, hope and strength come from once again riding the river of time and seeing where it takes you, even if sometimes you must sit upon the bank and let it pass by while you contemplate why you are flowing the direction you are.

   More to follow later tonight or tomorrow when I clean up more photos and contemplate more. Cheers!

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