Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Early morning enjoyment!

Well, its about 6 am here and I am up and ready for the day, sort of. I thought I would stop by and drop off a little ramble that I had while on my flight from Ghoungzhou to Wuhan. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I am really happy I have made this change in my life, I just hope I can help my students enjoy English lessons as much as I am enjoying China, only time will tell. Here is the rant.

       "Just thought I would jot down some thoughts while I am flying over the pacific. I would have to say the language barrier is much easier to get past than I thought, though this could perhaps be attributed to the international flight being well suited to two major languages. Only time will tell if my confidence holds out beyond Ghoungzhou and Wuhan.

     I am very happy to write down while I can remember, that I made two new friends today while I awaited the arrival of Mark to the airport. Jenni is a young lass that is heading to the northern provinces to study for a semester and has a VERY lovesick Japanese boyfriend back home waiting for her. Meanwhile, very little is known to me about Hilary, she is a very beautiful young woman and seems she is heading to tour around the same area as Jenni so while we were talking the two hooked up to meet and help each other out. Mark is drugged out of his mind from a lack of sleep and I am slow to follow, perhaps it is about time for me to rest my eyes for a few."

 All in all, it has been such a wonderful start to my year, "Jackie Chan" Nathan and my personal trainer surprised us by giving us food treats and then only telling us what we were eating AFTER we finished, the biggest surprise was the Camel cheese, its very sweet. It is wonderful here, once you get past the pollution and massive city smell and I honestly hope at least 1 person decides to come and visit me so that they can get a taste of the big wide world we live in, even better is that Wuhan is real China, not dolled up Shanghai or Beijing. More to write later, I want to get my day started! Zaijian!

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